Friday, 11 September 2020

X-Plane 11.50 now available

 Not all add-ons are compatible with Vulkan and Metal. In particular, when Vulkan and Metal are enabled, 3-d drawing callbacks and map drawing callbacks are not sent to plugins.

If an add-on appears to not work correctly, you can disable Vulkan and Metal and restart X-Plane.

Known Addon Issues

Needs update from developer to work with Vulkan/Metal:

  • Aircraft using DreamEngine Sound
  • Bandicam (prevents sim launch)
  • BetterPushback
  • Goodway
  • Ground Traffic
  • Flight Factor A320
  • Flight Factor 767
  • Flight Factor 777
  • JAR A320
  • JAR A330
  • JCS Talon T38
  • librain
  • SimVim
  • ToLiss A319 & A321
  • X-Aviation Torque Sim Pocket Rocket
  • xEnviro
  • XJet
  • X-Life
  • XPRealistic Pro
  • xSquawkBox
  • xSwift

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