Saturday, 5 September 2020

Long Haul “Bullseye!”: Maho Ahoy!

Standard Tuesday and Thursday SWFS/MA online ATC flights are generally A-to-B routes with given departure and arrival airports, plus any SID/STAR/APP procedures.

All pilots have to do is create their own flight plans, then join the group on TS3 & JoinFS, and of course obediently comply with all instructions given by our experienced ATC officers!

Every now and then, however, we might list a “Bullseye!” flight which differs from standard flights as only the arrival airport is presented, leaving pilots free to choose their own departure airports from literally anywhere, be it around the corner or around the globe!
Think of these as normal Tues/Thurs flight nights but without the departure phase, which also means that ATC services will be available only for the arrival phase.

Route planning, fuel requirements, and cruise levels are down to the individual pilot, and for this we recommend using a formal flght planner such as SimBrief (freeware) or Aerosoft's PFPX (payware).


We have planned a “Bullseye!” flight into Princess Juliana TNCM, Sint Marteen, on Tuesday 8th September.

Simply depart your chosen airport in time to arrive in TNCM ATC controlled airspace at about 21:00 (20:00Z) before your TOD, but do join us on TS3 from 20:00 (19:00Z) for our customary TS3 banter.

If you feel up to flying a long haul flight into Princess Juliana, then a small number of SWFS/MA pilots are looking to depart Manchester Airport EGCC early on Tuesday afternoon, so why not join us on TS3 and JoinFS (hub: HAIDF)?

Unlike VATSIM or IVAO, with SWFS/MA you don’t have to sit in the cockpit for the entire flight. If you have things to do, then after takeoff engage George to take care of the aeroplane as you go about your routines, but do free to check in occasionally on TS3 for a chat and progress update. 

Great circle distance: 3500nm
Approx. flight time at 450kts: 8 hours
ATC availability: 20:00-22:00 (19:00Z-21:00Z; on TS3)
ETA Princess Juliana TNCM airspace: 21:00 (20:00Z)
ETD Manchester EGCC: 14:30 (13:30Z)
Suggested optional aircraft type: Boeing B747
Spawn on EGCC apron: Tuesday 8th September from 13:00 (12:00Z)
Optional sample route shown on SkyVector: EGCC-TNCM
Multiplayer: TeamSpeak 3 and JoinFS (hub: HAIDF)

If you need help planning for such a long flight, then do ask on the day or beforehand, or via our FaceBook page.

We hope to see you on the Manchester long-haul apron next Tuesday, so until then...

Blue skies...and azure waters!

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