Thursday, 28 May 2020

X-Plane 11 & Oculus Rift: Rift Restored

EDIT:Laminar Research have issued a fix for the OR V1.7 Update vs. XP11 VR issue, and it can be found here.

The software behind Oculus Rift will occasionally auto-update, so whether you like it or not, you’ll see an update bringing new features and improvements into your VR world. 

And that would be correct except for the most recent OR update which broke the happy and established liaison between XP11 and OR, leaving most XP11 simmers VR-less and Oculus-free. 

Without delving too deeply into the complexities of the issue (essentially XP11’s VR was created with an elderly version of the OR SDK), happily “Kojack”, a member of the OR forums, came up with a solution using a feature called Oculus Injector.

You can follow the thread here, looking out for Kojack’s May 25th solution on page 2 of the lengthy thread.

It’s easy enough to implement; essentially download and unzip the fix, run the “Oculus Injector” EXE, add and name a new entry, browse and select your X-Plane 11 executable, save the profiles, and then launch your new entry. Happily, Kojack does a far better job of explaining it than me.

What I do know is that for VR sessions you must launch XP11 using the Oculus Injector rather than by double clicking the X-Plane 11 executable in the time honoured fashion. 
You’ll still be able to run xOrganizer to setup your plugins and preferred scenery, but then if you want VR, you must launch XP11 via Oculus Injector. 

Virtual Reality has been restored, you are free to roam the ether once again. 

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