Friday, 15 May 2020

GA Gems - STOL Steals!

By now, you will know that one of my very favourite flight simulator topics is when I bring to you news of excellent freeware, especially when it is ex-payware made freeware.

So, with that in mind, here are two perfect low and slow GA Gems for P3D4 and P3D5 that are worthy of your immediate attention...

This particular release initially caused me some confusion insofar as I knew that William Ortis, the developer behind Lionheart Creations, had recently released a payware Zenith CH701 (NB. The LHC Zenith CH701 remains available for purchase at SimMarket for just under €30).

So, when I saw an identical Zenith CH701 available as a download at Simviation, complete with the same liveries, a sub-folder labelled “LHC_Zenith”, plus Zenith factory scenery, I was concerned for LHC, and is why I contacted William directly. 
He replied very quickly, and whilst thanking me for reaching out, he went on to say that in fact the LHC Zenith CH701 project co-developer had in actual fact decided to release it as freeware.
Therefore, this is a legitimate freeware download, but before you go grab it, and grab it you should, know this: It weighs in at a hefty 850Mb which potentially equates to hours of download time at the reduced Kb rate reserved for non-Simviation subscribers.

I believe, however, that once you do, you will find that this LHC model is to be the de facto simulation of the very capable Zenith CH701 bush-ready STOL-happy tricycle-geared tundra-tyred aerial jeep.
And my only question is, what’s not to like about that?!

A gentle upgrade of the original FSX Super Cub Extreme2, to Prepar3Dv5 standards” is how Flight Replicas describe this release.

However, when you read the list of changes, it seems as if our definitions of “gentle” are really quite disparate, and here’s why!

“Includes: New wings; new tires, upgraded cockpit parts, new extrnal model panel with functioning instruments and clickable switches, buttons, etc. (so you can start it before you get in, if you like); 4K textures, including spec and alphas, tweaked airfiles, tie-down ropes and windscreen cover for when parked, and the ability to hand prop for starting. Plus a new Paint kit.

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