Sunday, 11 August 2019

X-Plane GA Pilots: Traffic in your, err, everywhere!

Introducing "See and Avoid" for X-Plane!

This essential Python script plugin is an absolute must have for all X-Plane GA armchair pilots.

The plugin adds a ton of GA traffic all around you - above you, below you, to your left, to your right, and so on - and it makes your skies come alive with traffic and gives your eyes a serious workout in tracking said traffic.

There are one or two options, for instance a pop up window listing traffic, but you won't need it because your skies will be teeming with bogeys!

You will need Python V2.7 installed, along with Sandy Barbour's famous Python Interface for X-Plane, with Win/Mac installers easily obtained here. Similarly to FlyWithLua, Python is a scripting langauge for which there exist very many handy X-Plane scripts.

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