Friday, 8 February 2019

FTX True Earth UK South: P3D4 Unleashed!

Your patience has been rewarded!

Finally, FTX ORBX True Earth UK South for Prepar3D V4 has been released!

For users who already have this product under XP11 and now wish to buy it for P3D4, a 40% discount can be applied under FTX’s Cross Platform agreement.

For those unfamiliar with the lengthy installation process, here it is....

Wait, have coffee or tea.
Open your favourite biscuits. Eat.
Make more tea or coffee.
Wait some more.
Watch a film.
And finally, in a word, try MaƱana!

The wait, however, is entirely worthwhile, as this product revolutionises VFR; it is literally as per the real world, and what’s more, it’s uncannily real and entirely believable under the VR hood!

PS. After waiting a entire evening and night for the process to complete, I ended up with a stalled installation (ISP issues no doubt), so for the remainder of my three FTX TE UK installations, I downloaded the dedicated ZIP file and ran the installation locally.

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