Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Intel Vulnerability Check: Is Your CPU Affected?

The recent vulnerability discovered by software engineers has left a number of high-end Intel CPU's vulnerable to attack until a patch or update has been made available.

For more information, read Intel's post here.

If you want to check whether the CPU in your system has been affected by this issue, then download Intel's Vulnerability Patch Utility to find out here.

One of the downsides of Intel's proposed fix will slow down some processors, and this is particularly bad news for the many flight simulation aficionado's who have been affected by this problem.

Next they'll be telling us that Windows isn't secure, ha-ha, imagine that!

Oh, they have, and several times you say...

Oh well, next they'll be telling us that some applications are being delivered already infected!

Gosh, you say that too has already happened...

If you want to flight sim in a perfectly safe environment, then go grab a sheet of A4 paper, folder the paper in half along the long edge, then fold the corners so that they meet in the middle, then fold the upper....

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