Monday, 13 November 2017

Taxiing but Lost? Freeware FSX RAAS!

The drill goes something like.

If, like me, you often start your taxi run without either airport diagram or a clue of how best to get to your designated holding point, when suddenly a nagging voice calls out, "On runway, On runway!".

Well then, it seems that help for the hapless is finally at hand in the form of a freeware Runway Awareness and Advisory Tool (RAAS) utility for us to put to good use - no more straying onto active runways without a nagging alert in your ear to steer you clear.

Here it is in action....

Simply extract the folder from within the archive, and run the executable when your sim is running, and hopefully a GPS-style nagging voice will help your stray clear of places that you should be giving a wide berth to.

Visit "Planeman" to download this useful freebie (direct download link here).

As an extra, Planeman has also made available a similar taxi-nagging assistant that can be downloaded here.

Useful anti nagging tip: To stop the incessant aeronautical aural pestering (in case you've had enough of it during the day) simply close down the app.

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