Wednesday, 6 September 2017

PMDG's JS4100: Under the Weather

...of Prepar3d!

Yes, it's true, PMDG today confirmed that their legendary Jetstream JS4100 will soon arrive sporting LM's P3D banner, and no doubt wearing a hefty price tag to match. 

For those of you who have no prior experience of this aeroplane, then know this - it is a veritable minibeast!

For many armchair pilots, this aircraft was probably their first serious turboprop, and it came complete with stunning icing effects and a very neat payload manager, plus trendsetting VC based speedcards. 

It even made FSX's dreadful turboprop coding seem good, and that's because PMDG worked their magic into it. Another worthy contender was Flight1's ATR 72-500 which is still reliably serving its virtual skies. 

With the exception of a few half hearted vintage Rolls Royce Dart powered people movers, and perhaps sneaking in on looks alone we might include Carenado's B1900D and DO-228, P3D4 has few genuine study level turboprop airliners under its hood. 

Hopefully, Milviz will be beavering away at their ATR now that they've finished trimming their own Beaver, and Carenado have long since promised that their Fokker F50 will at some point make an appearance. 

Folks, PMDG's news is grand news indeed, for their JS4100 is an ultra serious 40-seat short hauler that you shouldn't miss chocking securely in your hangar.

Don't let it get away...

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