Friday, 29 September 2017

cCleaner: Serious Virus Alert

This is a serious alert concerning an extremely popular and useful utility used by many flight simmers that manages several clean-up elements of PC maintenance. 

The executable installer of the specific versions of "cCleaner" listed below were infected with a virus. 

The coding affects 32-bit installations, but nevertheless, do still heed the advice and take appropriate action. 

Running affected versions of cCleaner will by now have prompted you to remove and reinstall the infected version of cCleaner with a clean update. 

You should also follow ALL recommended actions in order to be sure of properly ridding your PC of this threat; this includes following the advice to check and clean a part of your registry. 

The following is from developer Piriform's website; click the words to go to their website. 

Dear CCleaner customers, users and supporters,

We would like to apologize for a security incident that we have recently found in CCleaner version 5.33.6162 and CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191. A suspicious activity was identified on September 12th, 2017, where we saw an unknown IP address receiving data from software found in version 5.33.6162 of CCleaner, and CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191, on 32-bit Windows systems. Based on further analysis, we found that the 5.33.6162 version of CCleaner and the 1.07.3191 version of CCleaner Cloud was illegally modified before it was released to the public, and we started an investigation process. We also immediately contacted law enforcement units and worked with them on resolving the issue. Before delving into the technical details, let me say that the threat has now been resolved in the sense that the rogue server is down, other potential servers are out of the control of the attacker, and we’re moving all existing CCleaner v5.33.6162 users to the latest version. Users of CCleaner Cloud version 1.07.3191 have received an automatic update. In other words, to the best of our knowledge, we were able to disarm the threat before it was able to do any harm."

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