Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Cloudmaster DC-6, PMDG Style

Yes, it's true, the first ever X-Plane-to-FSX/P3D portover is presently being reverse engineered by those capable boffins at PMDG. 

They are bringing their oil dripping and cylinder popping Wright Cyclone engined 64-bit ready Douglas DC-6 Cloudmaster to the 32-bit world of FSX/P3D. 

Or, as many long suspected, they are simply continuing their 32-bit work on it, and prepping it for release after having diverted it into a market test delve within the XP testbed. 

It's an esoteric oil dropping beast for sure, and one festooned with fiendish gauges, buttons and levers labelled with things that an FMC familiar pilot couldn't even begin to guess at.

Probably it's very rewarding to fly, and as a seat of the pants simulation, one might expect stimulation as part of the package. 

Anyway, it's heading our way, so prepare your gloves, find that worn leather pilots bag, fold those dog eared paper charts, gather your oil stained stained j-cloths, and collect pencils, sextents, slide rules remind yourself about hydraulic plumbing and piping, and of course revise our old favourite, the "whether" systems, as in weather to go? 

The price is a bit of a hike at the moment, but then it's a quality machine with an enormous pedigree and quite some history. 

Personally, I'd like PMDG to focus their energies on that nearly forgotten Jetstream JS4100 treasure of theirs, the one that RR suggested quite some time ago needed but a tweak or two before release into FSX:SE. 

I mean seriously, how hard is it to fix the sole faulty module in FSX:SE that is IAS climb mode? PMDG recently managed to resurrect a beautifully restored multi-platform Queen, so why not a comparative pauper?

It would certainly bring instant gratification to many if they did, and then by all means go hell for leather on the DC-6.

If your appetite has been whetted by the thought of oil locked buckled big-ends, then go read a review of the XP-rated PMDG DC-6 flying under clear blue 64-bit skies. 

Not a VAS vulture in sight. 

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