Saturday, 7 January 2017

Seasons in the Sun & Snow!

Get your brollies, wellies, and sunnies at the ready, for essential X-Plane seasonal eye-candy has finally arrived!

Dataref driven libraries were introduced into X-Plane by Laminar Research some time ago, and seizing this golden opportunity, genius X-Plane.Org user Einstein added the package Seasons providing X-Plane with the ability to change its seasonal textures according to the sim date.

Recently, user Madmaxland uploaded some terrific Spring, Autumn, and Winter texture sets to compliment X-Plane's default Summer textures (do look out for the the separate download in case you want your snow to arrive in December).

Thus, if in Winter, add snow, if in Spring, add flowering flora and fauna, and if in Autumn, add brown and tan arboreta, but otherwise, let it be summer!

xOrganizer: Use the following method to create the correct scenery_packs.ini sequence:

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