Monday, 9 January 2017

Captain Sim: Flash 24-hour $9.99 Sale!!!

Hurry, it's 24-hours from midnight UTC 11th January 2017!

Captain Sim has a mixed reputation, but having said this, many of their products are still exemplary with immaculate detailing and superb animations and features, and with 100's of liveries available for each of them. 

Do be aware that you need to buy the base pack of the model you'd like, plus optional product add-ons and variants. Also, note that their later models (L1011 and B777) have separate FSX and P3D editions. 

Whichever way you look at it, these machines are absolute bargains for $9.99!

For instance...

Lockheed Tristar L1011: Superb steam gauge VC, weather radar, authentic INS with easy to use features, and it's very fast, large, and wide.

Boeing 777: All variants including cargo (as add-on's), weather and terrain radar, beautiful exterior model, stunning VC with functional EFB, and accurate performance. 

Boeing 737-200: Incredibly detailed steam age VC with working PDCS, weather radar, and immersive systems. 

Boeing 727: Fully detailed VC with full engineers panel, weather radar, many animations, and a great model. 

Visit Captain Sim for other great aircraft, including 757, 767, 707, C130, stand alone WX radar, weapons system, etc.

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