Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Antonov AN24: Spice Up Your New Year Flying

Here is a freeware Antonov AN-24 from Felis Design that was originally X-Plane payware but is now freeware on that same platform. 

And now it's freeware on FSX!

This, I believe is a gradual port over from X-Plane to FSX, and for me this is a first, as normally port-over's are FSX-X-Plane. From what i can gather, the aircraft is being ported across stage by stage, so for now not all functions will work, but to be honest, you might not even notice this.

Anyway, the ABN-24 was a capable turboprop airliner, having sold in great numbers throughout the world. The AN-24 is truly a hardy beast, and probably the same can be said of the pilots - watch this to see why!

Anyway, having purchased the X-Plane version quite some time ago, I can attest the the authenticity of this aircraft and the systems contained within it, and by authenticity, I mean that I grasped very little of the instructions and had no clue about what I was doing or supposed to be doing, which seemed at the time to be about right for this vintage of Soviet design, LOL!

Anyway, enjoy, if you can, and, more importantly, if you dare!

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