Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Just Flight Freemium 757-200 - get it now, its free ..

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You will know by now that I have been really quite keen on pilots upgrading their default FSX Boeing 737-800 aircraft, so that pilots have better systems modelling, and obviously to go with this, more cockpit trinkets with which to play. Well, that's fine, but recently, I have been reminded of another absolute gem that is available for free, an aircraft that is a perfect upwardly transition from your trusty default 737 to something that is a little more capable.
Just Flight introduced a new concept in downloadable FSX aircraft, namely their Fremium range, whereby the basic model itself is totally free, but enhancements such as liveries and additional models are chargeable. 

Their first Fremium model is the venerable Boeing 757-200, which in my opinion, is a stand-out aircraft in every respect, and one of my very favourites. See this short video documentary about BA's final 757 commercial flight to get an idea of how much passengers, crews, and pilots enjoyed this aircraft - oh, and check out that awesome max thrust take-off and climb-rate: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLF7i4mIVfM
What is special about the JF 757 is that it is very immersive, as it sports low-level system complexity, but with many functional switches and gauges, more-so than default aircraft, yet it is labelled a "Lite" model, which means that it is easy to master and use, after some familiarisation.
The flight-deck is beautifully modelled, as is the external model. The textures are sharp and clear, which makes it an extremely nice place to be in. The external model is well reproduced, and has a plethora of antennae, as well as detailed wings, flaps, spoilers, and so on. The undercarriage is very nicely detailed. The 757 is from that era of aircraft where they didn't quite have full glass screens, but they had a few glass gauges, alongside established and trusted standard gauges. This means using VOR's and NDB's is very easy, and it all dovetails very nicely in with the newer style of glass instrumentation, which you will know from your 737-800 experience. So, it has a bit of both, with nothing too old, and nothing too new.
Regarding the systems, this aircraft has all that you would ever need. It even has an FMC, and whilst this doesn't even pretend to mimic the real Boeing FMC, it has in itself excellent capability. You can see aircraft systems, loadings, and weights, set lighting configurations, see v-speeds, create a flight-plan or see your [FSX] flight-plan, use the Direct-To feature for easy navigation to waypoints, and receive VNAV (Vertical Navigation) such that the aircraft will identify the ideal altitudes/fixes for you to climb and descend. Lastly, it has full aircraft checklists built-in, so you can run through the process of getting setup in an orderly manner. So, whilst it's not the real thing, it's still entirely capable. A perfect stepping stone, sitting somewhere between default FSX aircraft and your first complex payware model.

The JFK 757 also features an excellent soundset and nicely detailed internal and external night lighting. 

The aircraft comes as standard in a default British Airways livery, and the whole package is free (yes, totally, entirely, and absolutely free!); all you need do is register with Just Flight (http://www.justflight.com) and visit the relevant 757 page (http://www.justflight.com/product/757-jetliner-freemium) for the download. If you wish to add the -300 model, or fill up your new 757 library with quality 757 liveries, then you can buy Just Flight livery packs and bundles (these are often on sale, so keep an eye open for them).
For those of you used to FSX default aircraft, then this is a step up in terms of complexity, but only by a manageably mediocre step. Another great thing about that this package comes with a highly detailed manual, incorporating an easy to follow and fully documented tutorial flight, you'll be able to follow everything in clear, concise pictures and understandable steps.

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