Monday, 9 August 2021

SWFSG Ipplepen Meetings restart 19th September

As we approach September it seems we're on track to resume group meetings at Ipplepen Village Hall for the first time since the pandemic began.

We appreciate some may be apprehensive about meeting but many will be keen to get back to some kind of normality and meet again in familiar surroundings.

We are eager to welcome as many as possible back to meetings as they are an essential part of staying in touch and exchanging views and ideas.

Whilst we don't wish to appear to be overbearing we ask that you consider the following points for the time being.

  • In the hall we have the benefit of plenty of space and good ventilation to help in mitigating potential risk.
  • At least for the first meeting and probably in the near future we would ask all members to be aware of basic hygene and precautions.
  • The kitchen will not be open in September so we would ask that you bring your own drinks in flasks or whatever means you prefer.
  • We will be providing hand sanitiser and cleaning wipes and would ask these be used if members are happy to let others use their equipment.
  • Face coverings are now of course not mandatory but please respect others who may wish to wear one and that some members may wish to maintain a distance from others.
  • It may also be the case that members who have brought equipment may be reluctant to share it with others and again we ask that their wishes be respected and always check with them first.
  • The group equipment will not be in use for the first few meetings.

I'm sure we all have lots to discuss with the advent of MSFS2020 and various other developments which have taken place and are on the horizon.

On a positive note the remainder of meetings for this year are already paid for and admission will be free to everyone as we have a good reserve in the group funds.

If you have accumulated any equipment during the various lockdowns or have upgraded then we look to starting the new season with a bring and buy sale so please bring any unwanted kit with you to sell. There should be quite a few bargains to be had.

We look forward to seeing you on September 19th.

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Q4XP - something long awaited, coming soon


The Q400 must be my very favourite aircraft of all time

At the moment the Majestic Q400 for P4D is very much at the top of the tree

The 'PMDG' of twin props with an incredible sound package

 FlyJSim has been tantalising us with a worthy competitor for XP for a long while

Read their post then get ready to press the 'buy now' button

 FlyJSim Q4XP


We will all just have to wait with baited breath for any aircraft of this calibre to arrive in MSFS 

Both Majestic and FlyJsim have signalled that they have no plans to craft the Q400 for 2020


 Ed. Yes MSFS is great too!





Sunday, 11 July 2021

X-Plane 11 lovers - something great has arrived!

 MSFS MSFS MSFS  is all we seem to be seeing and hearing these days.

So it is great to learn that the X-Plane platform has some exciting developments in the pipeline and now we have another world class study aircraft to add to our X-Plane 11 hangars.

iniBuilds  have already brought us the A300 Beluga, that ugly Airbus wing transporter, and the iconic A300-600R(F).

Watch the trailer for the new A310 then the longer video if you want to learn so much more.

 Just don't try this in MSFS 


Now for us serious flight simmers - enjoy 

Sunday, 9 May 2021


Our on-line flights are now on Discord

If you want to join in use the contact form to request details


 Discord download

Friday, 23 April 2021

Just Flight PA28R + PMS50 GTN750

 Another MSFS milestone

 The recently released beta PMS50 GTN750 fits very nicely in the JF PA28R


The Just Flight PA-28R must be the very best single engine GA light aircraft for MSFS

The PMS50 GTN750 uses Navigraph data which needs to be installed in MSFS

For more details read  Navigraph MSFS data

Saturday, 27 March 2021

MSFS is coming of age - thank you Just Flight and Aerosoft

Whatever your thoughts about MSFS and how it compares with FSX-SE/P3D/X-Plane MSFS is now a serious contender on the block. 

And it is being continously enriched by rapidly growing libraries of community addons, a hybrid model that has boosted X-Plane development so much.

Yes, the MSFS scenery is brilliant and the upgrades much appreciated, what it has been waiting for is some serious third party aircraft.

First up - the Just Flight PA-28R, an astounding real-as-life GA aircraft with a welcome 6-pack rather than the generic glass of the multitude of default props. A must have. 

Aerosoft's amazing CRJ 550/700 has raised the bar to P3D levels in aircraft and systems modelling. We no longer have to accept the compromises to reap the rewards of MSFS scenery.

We must all have hangars full of aircraft that we would sorely like to fly in the MSFS envronment, we just have to be patient and flip flop between the sims for the time being. 

Roll on the new generation of MSFS aircraft raised to the new benchmark set by Aerosoft.

In the meantime, get the CRJ 550/700 now, just go through the tutorial to guarantee you understand how to fly it. You won't be disappointed.