Saturday, 14 July 2018

Two brand new A319's for P3D v4.3

Only $39.95 BUT is add on and requires existing installation of A320X ($139.95)

Tempting if you already have the FSL A320X

Aerosoft's long awaited 64-bit completely rebuilt iconic A318/319 
60.45 Euros (80.62 Euros for bundled A318/319.320/321)

Upgrades available for FSX owners 
29.98 Euros (39.97 Euros for bundled A318/319.320/321) 

If you have previously bought the bundled set you will only get discount price on bundled version



Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Nvidia Experience: Video Recording

For those who use Nvidia Experience to record their flight simulation video recordings, then you may well have noticed that mouse movements are picked up and shown within the end result, and this can look wrong unless perhaps the video is instructional.

To remove the mouse cursor and mouse movements from your video files, then you will be pleased to know that until Nvidia support a mouse off/on option within the Nvidia Experience control panel, one of two registry hacks can be used to disable or enable the recording of mouse movements during video recording.

OK, so it's not a perfect solution as a reboot will be needed to put into effect the "mouse on/mouse off" registry changes, but at least it is a step in the right direction.

Link to the "How to hide your mouse cursor in GeForce Experience Share video recordings" thread.

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Aerobask: Round Robin's All Around

You are but one or two paragraphs away from owning this beautiful aeroplane...

Can you see yourself flying this beauty over some scenic land perhaps towards a setting sun or away from a summery dawn breaking out from down under?

Well then, Aerobask have made it happen by setting the "Thank-you!" bar as high as it can possibly go by thanking their X-Plane customers and community by way of donating this spectacular aeroplane as freeware.

This latest Aerobask arrival is a delightful VR-ready four seat Avions Robin DR401 fitted with Garmin G1000's and powered by a FADEC driven diesel engine.

The wow-factor behind this story is that Aerobask haven't just delivered a fabulous aircraft, but they have delivered it to all X-Plane pilots irrespective of whether they are Aerobask customers or not. What a wonderfully generous gift this is!

If you have in the past flown some VFR flights under the skies of MS FSX and/or LM P3D, then you'll know just how real this can seem.

But you see the thing is, until you've flown VFR with photo-scenery and autgen overlays under the skies of X-Plane 11, then you haven't really experienced the very best that FS has to offer, and with aircraft such as Aerobask's Robin DR401, it just gets better and better!

To add to this already heady mix, I am reliably informed that with an Oculus Rift connecting the sim-platform to the sim-pilot as a single entity, simply put, flight simulation just doesn't get any better than this, period.

To Aerobask I say thank-you and well done, but not just for your immaculate Robin DR401, but for the spectacular GA fleet creations that you have brought to life under our most favourite skies - the Diamond DA62 and DA42, the Pipistrel Panthera, Eclipse 550NG, the Epic Victory, the Antares motorglider, the Viperjet, the Velocity V-Twin canard, and the Fokker DR-1 (find them all here).

Aerobask - it's time to sit back, relax, and bask in your own limelight!

Visit to download your copy.