Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Bush C172SP: Hobby Horse Work Horse

...Some mean bush...

PropdStrike Studios, previously known for their exceptional freeware Machmell Fisheries and payware Quatum River bush airstrips in British Colombia, have generously released a freeware bush ready Cessna 172SP that is based on the default Laminar Research XP11 C172SP.

It looks utterly fantastic in its mucky workhorse style classic grubby livery and wearing purposeful looking tundra tyres. The panel and VC have been significantly remodelled and two variants are offered, taildragger and tricycle undercarriage.

Propstrike Studios C172SP backcountry basher feature list:

  • In cockpit, Garmin Angle Of Attack indicator for improved Short landings and safe low-speed maneuvering.
  • Custom Tundra tires with better shock absorbing.
  • Tricycle and taildragger version.
  • Dynamic cargo system. The plane has removed backseat to allow for cargo storage in the cabin. As you increase the payload in X-Plane you will see cargo build up in the back.
  • Belly cargo pod automatically added when the payload is higher.
  • Custom textures for interior and exterior giving a workhorse like look. Nothing is clean or new, everything looks used and old.
  • Integration of Miniweeb’ds Slant Alpha cockpit layout meaning radio stack on the panel instead of GPS’. (With permission from Miniweebs)
  • Official Reality Expansion Pack (REP) support from SimCoders.

And all of this for free, that sounds like a bargain to me! So head on over to PropStrike Studios to pick-up your short field hobby horse today!

A shout-out and thumbs-up should go to Laminar Research for graciously allowing their products to be used in this expansive way by the X-Plane community, both amateur and professional alike. It is precisely this sort of forward thinking that continues to enrich our XP environment so well. 

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

ORBX FTX TE UK South XP: SP1 Released!

For a seemingly perfect first release, the list of SP1 improvements and fixes is astonighly long!

Details of the improvements as well as the full list of Points of Interest can be found in the ORBX Forums or at Flightsim.com here

As always, users can update their FTX UK TE South for XP to SP1 through FTX Central.

Monday, 11 March 2019

Xplane - Lets Get Flying!

SWFSG Meeting this Sunday 17th March Ipplepen

Matt will be presenting a talk entitled  Xplane - Lets Get Flying!

Featuring a live video-conference with 'il Professore' presenting a guide to the top ten X-Plane Plugins

Topics will include installing X-Plane, aircraft, sceneries etc. 
all your questions answered 

 Presentation starts at 11:00z 


Directions to the South West Flight Simulator Group.
The group meets at Ipplepen Village Hall.


Saturday, 2 March 2019

vFlyteAir's Ryan Navion - a present for all X-Plane pilots

vFlyteAir have gained a reputation for providing us with some gorgeously crafted and very realistic small aircraft.

As a gift to the X-Plane Community they have modelled this superb little 1950's monoplane which is a joy to fly around the virtual skies.

Go to their Showroom to order your new steeds

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

XP11: Upcoming Aircraft

Threshold has kindly put together a list of all upcoming XP11 WIP aircraft, be they confirmed, rumoured, or just about ready to roll!

I believe that most simmers will agree that it’s a long and varied list of aircraft including airliners and GA, so there’ll be something there to please everyone, I would think. 

The bad news regards the damage that such a list has the potential to do to our wallets, so we’d better start saving those pennies, or get creative when it comes to those “under the radar” expenditures. 

I genuinely cannot think of an aircraft that I would want (slash need!) that isn’t on his list, so all I can say is, “Wow! Bring it on!”

Sunday, 17 February 2019

TOD of the Morning to You!

A particularly handy MS Windows only utility has been posted by user SkipHoard at the X-Plane.Org in the form of a fully featured Top of Descent calculator called StartDescent.

As aspiring sim pilots we should know the standard 1:3 TOD rule of thumb, but then this utility has more functionality and accuracy than my grey cells can muster in the heat of the moment during flight. For instance, you can enter a chosen descent rate and wind as computational variables.

The rule of thumb is, in a nutshell, the altitude you want to lose (in thousands) multiplied by three, to give you the approximate distance in nm that you should begin your (standard) 1800’ descent from the point where you need to be at your new altitude.

So, we are at FL290 and we need to be at FL070 at VOR ABC. Therefore, we must lose 22,000’ meaning that we should initiate our 1800 ft/min descent 66nm from ABC (22 x 3).

Of course factors such as groundspeed and wind will affect our TOD’s and ROD’s, and happily this is precisely why this utility will earn its keep.

Not for one moment did I think it would quite so tricky to put into words the TOD rule of thumb, and with that in mind, there is surely a place for useful utilities such as this in our growing inventory of flightsim soft paraphernalia.